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Refreshingly Simple

Date: Tue, Mar 4, 2014

Photo courtesy of OUTSHINE®. As a busy chef with a demanding schedule, I’m always looking for ways to stay healthy and energized. Having quick, healthy snacks at the ready is key to keeping me fueled throughout the long days and nights at my restaurants. In summertime, I’m all about light snacks that showcase the bright flavors of in-season produce. I shop my local farmer’s market when I have the time, and I make sure to keep Dreyer’s OUTSHINE® bars on hand too. As any chef wil...

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Host a Garden Swap

Date: Fri, Feb 28, 2014

Photo courtesy of iStock. Gro a BBQ From beefsteak to heirloom to cherry and grape, tomatoes are a favorite garden veggie for home growers (yes, technically, they are fruit). In fact, they’re so popular, there are gardening products tailored just for them like Miracle-Gro® Water Soluble Tomato Plant Food. In summer, tomatoes can grow by the bucketful, so invite friends over for a backyard BBQ and garden swap. Make fresh Greek salad and grill sliced tomatoes for burgers. Buy so...

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Cultivating a Farm-to-Plate Movement

Date: Fri, Feb 28, 2014

Photo © Getty. Gro a Bucket List Meal The vegetable buffs behind Hot and Hot Fish Club (2180 11th. Ct. S., 205-933-5474) in Birmingham, Alabama, husband-and-wife duo chef Chris Hastings and Idie have garnered accolades, including the James Beard Foundation’s Best Chef in the South, for their menus inspired by the local harvest and artisans of every kind. However, it’s their seasonal tomato salad and pickled okra that landed them on the state’s “100 Dishes to Eat in Alabama ...

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Food & Wine Featured Contributor: Melanie Dunea

Date: Wed, Jan 29, 2014

Melanie Dunea is known for her iconic portraits of world-renowned chefs, artists, musicians, celebrities and other prominent figures. Her photography has been published and exhibited worldwide and Dunea has been honored with awards from American Photography, PDN, Communication Arts, Graphis, Society of Publication Designs, International Photography and the Lucie Foundation. Dunea has published five books, including the acclaimed My Last Supper series. The success of the My Last Supp...

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Miami Restaurants

Date: Fri, Jan 24, 2014

In this Article Miami Restaurants Miami Hotels More to Do in Miami Miami Restaurants Blackbrick "I love Miami and I love Chinese food," says Richard Hale, founder of the food truck Dim Ssm Gogo and the restaurant Sakaya Kitchen. At his new spot, he's making everything from scratch, including Chinese charcuterie and even fortune cookies. midtownchinese.com The Cypress Room This retro spot is by local hero Michael Schwa...

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America's Favorite Food Cities

Date: Thu, Jan 9, 2014

Plus: America's Best Foodie Streets New Orleans's Freret Street San Francisco's Valencia Street Chicago's West Randolph Street

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Thanksgiving Leftovers Decision-Making Flowchart

Date: Thu, Nov 21, 2013

Recipes for Thanksgiving Leftovers Breakfast Chicken Hash with Eggs (substitute cooked turkey) Brioche French Toast with Brown Sugar-Cranberry Sauce Lunch Vegetable Turkey Soup with Cornmeal Noodles Easiest Chicken Tacos (substitute cooked turkey) Chipotle Chilaquiles (add cooked turkey) Walnut-Cranberry Turkey Salad Quick Vietnamese Noodle Soup with Beef Next-Day Turkey Sandwiches Dinner Risotto with Smoked Turkey, Leeks, and Mascarpone Soy-B...

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FOOD & WINE for Next Issue™ App Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Date: Fri, Nov 8, 2013

Digital Edition for Next Issue™ App What tablets are supported by the Next Issue app? Click here to see a full list of supported tablets or contact Next Issue. How do I access the Digital Edition via Next Issue? If you are an existing subscriber to the U.S. print edition of FOOD & WINE® magazine, follow the steps below to add the Next Issue™ App: 1. Go to http://www.nextissue.com/magazines/food-wine. 2. Click the button that says “Verify.” 3. Enter your email address, create a...

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5 Ways to Upgrade Mashed Potatoes

Date: Tue, Oct 15, 2013

Fold in mayonnaise. Whether you mash with a ricer or smash potatoes with a fork, there’s one surefire way to make them even creamier: mayo. Even the store-bought stuff, when folded in, lends an irresistible richness and luscious texture. If you’re down with that, try these crazy-good Rich & Creamy Mashed Potatoes. Swap the potato. The buttery texture and sweetness of sweet potatoes make them an ideal accompaniment to traditional and nontraditional Thanksgiving menu...

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Lindt Perfect Pairings: Matching Chocolate & Wine

Date: Wed, Sep 25, 2013

Photo courtesy of Lindt. When you enjoy decadent chocolate alongside a wine specially selected to bring out all its nuanced flavors, you create a delicious experience for all the senses. To find an ideal pairing, start by selecting a dark chocolate, which has a greater intensity and more complex flavors than other chocolate varieties. Then look for a wine with a similar body and complementary taste profiles (for instance a bright, citrus-scented chocolate with a floral white win...

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Lindt: Fall's Best Wine Pairings

Date: Wed, Sep 25, 2013

Photo courtesy of Lindt. It's that time of year, when the changing season ushers in a whole new palette of rich flavors. The light and bright tastes of summer - and the rosés and Pinot Gris that went along with them - have given way to the more hearty and complex flavors of fall. Now's the time for earthy produce, warming soups, satisfying meats and grains, and decadent sweets. What better way to celebrate the fall bounty than by finding the perfect wine pairing for it all? A f...

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Top Chef 11: New Orleans

Date: Tue, Sep 24, 2013

In this Article Top Chef: New Orleans Video Top Chef: New Orleans Contestants Top Chef Season 11 Overview "Top Chef: New Orleans," the eleventh season of the Emmy and James Beard Award-winning series, premieres Wednesday, October 2 at 10 pm ET. Host Padma Lakshmi will be joined at the judges' table by lead judge Tom Colicchio, F&W's Gail Simmons, star chef Hugh Acheson and New Orleans' own Emeril Lagasse. This season challenges contestants w...

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