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We are truly "hands-on!"

Date: Fri, Feb 19, 2010 Winery Blogs Wine Business

This is what I did today! Hard to see? It's boxes (and boxes and boxes) of folded, addressed, stamped, and stuffed envelopes to our mailing list which I am now in charge of "sealing" so that we can mail them out bright and early on February 23 to announce the release of our 2007 Vintage! AND, our updated spiffy new website! Chantico.

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What the heck has been going on?

Date: Mon, Feb 15, 2010 Winery Blogs Wine Business

Well, it's a quiet time at the winery - that is, it has been quiet until the past two weeks. We are getting ready to release our 2007 Vintage on February 23. AND, with the help of fabulous Mark Gorman of Stimulent LLC, our website will be completely updated. It will look and feel much the same, but be quite a bit easier to navigate and... it will have video, so you can see what it is that we do! We hope 2010 has been good for you so far. We are pleased with the amount of rainfall we have received (our well is even happier) and hope for a few more storms before the bloom of Spring and the cycle begins once again! Chantico.

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This part is fun!

Date: Thu, Oct 29, 2009 Winery Blogs Wine Business

This is the fun part of harvest - getting down and dirty in the tank! Tom is shoveling out the berries that will be composted - the wine from this tank went into barrels this morning. Lucy and Ethel introduced the world to stomping on the grapes - we just continue the tradition! Chantico.

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Date: Wed, Oct 21, 2009 Winery Blogs Wine Business

No, not that kind! A wine press. And the Press wanted to tell Tank #6 that it has no right to complain. How would it like it's belly filled to the brim then inflated? Talk about a belly ache. And not just one time but for each tank separately and each barrel fermentation. So, Tank #6, chew on that for a bit and stop yer bellyachin! xxoo The Press

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Really, you didn't have to....

Date: Wed, Oct 7, 2009 Winery Blogs Wine Business

Anomaly customer's boat
One of our cherished customers, Paul DePalma from Dayton, Ohio, brought us this..... okay, no he didn't bring us this catamaran, but he did bring us this fantastic photo showing Paul enjoying a glass of Anomaly on the Anomaly! And although we'd like to say he named it for the wine, he actually did what we did, he pulled out his Thesaurus and began searching for a name. And, like us, when he landed on Anomaly, he said, "that's it!" and like us, hopefully went to dinner! Thank you Paul for the great shot and for the personal delivery of the photo! Chantico!

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The saga continues

Date: Tue, Oct 6, 2009 Winery Blogs Wine Business


So, as I was saying, I was feeling stuffed and taking me to the doc is definately NOT an option, so as you can see, the hose that had been filling me up had to be diverted directly to my source (I always preferred the top-down rather than bottom-up type of feeding). But since I'm so tall (and I can hold 2200 gallons, yep, I'm a big guy) it took THREE people to carry my feeding tube up the ladder. I'm tired just watching them haul that thing up. But they got it up and in and all I can say is that I feel so much better now. And we're back to a smooth start to the afternoon.... oh oh, maybe I shouldn't have said that. Chantico from Tank #6.

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Tank #6 tells all

Date: Tue, Oct 6, 2009 Winery Blogs Wine Business

the valve that is blocked
Tank #6
So this morning, all seemed to be going smoothly (never a good sign). Donuts and fruit were out, grapes were making their way from Indee's Vineyard across the road to the winery, the mood was upbeat and, as Tank #6, all I had to do was stand there looking all pretty and shiny in my stainless jacket (which is actually called a "jacket") and receive the fruits of their labor. And as I said, all was going well.... at 7 am that is. Then, about 8:30-ish, I felt full, stuffed, uncomfortable. Yet, how could this be? I hadn't eaten all year and we were just beginning to fill my belly.... what the heck was going on? I would have taken a peek outside if my darned stainless legs weren't so heavy, AND cemented to the tank room floor with bolts the size of cigars. But I heard the people outside staying, "stop, it's backing up...." they were onto me....

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Sorting it out

Date: Mon, Oct 5, 2009 Winery Blogs Wine Business

Seth sorts berries

It's our fifth harvest morning - but don't get confused, it's not 5 days in a row, it's the fifth "call" in stock speak, which I don't, so let me explain! The first day of harvest is truly the first day we pick the fruit off the vines and sort those little berries until we can sort no more and our eyes are bleary and we aren't sure if we are moving or if it's the sorting belt. Then the next time we pick is Harvest Day 2 (but it actually could be a week later - just depends on the grapes and when they are ready which is our winemaker's call - one of the most stressful decisions we think as once the grapes are off the vine, there is no more ripening, no second chances, no more, "hmmm, should we let them hang another day or two....." So we are on our 5th harvest day this morning although harvest began for us on September 17. Hope that makes sense! And now, back to the sorting table! Chantico.

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Day 3

Date: Fri, Sep 25, 2009 Winery Blogs Wine Business

Tomorrow is our third pick day. Want to guess how many pick days we will have? My guess (and it is truly a guess) is 9 - we shall see! My challenge has been creating a Facebook Fan Page for Anomaly. My first try ended up being a Group page which, I have learned, is NOT a Fan Page! So now I am trying to get our "groupies" (love that term!) to become our Fans! If you want to be a fan, you just click the Become a Fan button on the right side of this Blog, and then each time you log into Facebook and go to the Anomaly Vineyards page (the one with the little black logo, NOT the one with the silhouettes of the two people - they are Groupies) you will see photos, video, and just fun stuff about what is going on at the winery.

What is the diff between this Blog and the Facebook Fan Page - well I just don't know, but I'm trying to keep up with all the technology of the times, so I thought I'd be remiss if I didn't also have a Fan Page! I mean, dinner conversation always ends up with Facebook talk - and we want to at least appear to be with it!

Hope this beautiful Fall season finds you all well and happy! Chantico.

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Harvest 2009 - Day 1

Date: Fri, Sep 18, 2009 Winery Blogs Wine Business

Today was (almost) flawless. Usually when harvest begins, we can count on a glitch - the power won't go on, the sorting belt has an issue, something.... But today, everything went smoothly. We brought in about 4 tons of fruit and hand-sorted it - twice: once before the destemmer and once after, We celebrated with a bottle of champagne and our the annual revealing of the Harvest T-Shirts at the end of a long day. Tomorrow we do it again (well, not the champagne part!). Harvest is here! Chantico.

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